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Experiences: Meeting people where they are

I have what's called portfolio career. What's that, exactly? A body of professional work that encompasses multiple, related areas.


With an origin story in media platforms – journalism, broadcasting, digital storytelling – my early work centered on information architectures and modeling content. The work is deeply rooted in both systems and the flexibility that structure can give information and design. Our industry is seeing its value now as new forms of AI gain momentum.

Along the way, I've developed skills to help companies embrace this new era with transparency, ethics, and trust.

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It compelled me to move into design leadership: managing the hits and misses as we navigate through old questions through new lenses. My varied background informs my strongest belief about product design, cross-functional collaborations and managing teams: Meet people where they are.


It prioritizes seamless and meaningful experiences, with the goal of achieving business outcomes. It's also a human-centered approach that values diversity of perspective and thought in designing products.

Leading teams

Leading teams: Creating spaces for excellence

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My goals in creating effective, inspiring works paces are consistent: flexible, transparent and proactive, so my teams are able to create the best work of their careers.

It means holding myself accountable for the agreements I make with my direct reports and fellow leaders. It means valuing the diverse perspectives that people bring to our conversations... and ensuring they know they have spaces to bring them. 


I achieve that with proactive communication, empathy and kindness, consistent and timely feedback, and facilitation. With just enough process to keep things moving efficiently.

My work: A sampling

Dashboards for DTC brands

Providing small- and medium business greater insights to drive incremental revenue in post-purchase ad network. Request access

Charting a course to optimize Ancestry's 30 billion genealogical records to tell deeply personal family stories. More

Working closely with designers to identify strengths and opportunities for growth. Modulating cross-functional processes that flex with teams. More

Identifying and understanding root causes is key to iterative experience improvements when customers have lost trust in a product. More

Designing a service process to coordinate product, partners and customer success teams as a startup races toward its launch. More

Before management, there was my work as an individual contributor. Trust and Safety, community products, media... here's a synopsis of it all. More

My work
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