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Growing Teams

Show and Let Go

Model behavior, create empowered environments

Yes, and...

Affirmation to facilitate collaboration and fun

Rooted in Trust

Self-organization with just enough process

Culture of Feedback

Continuous loops, coach in the moment

Nuanced Standards

Helping UXers at the nexus of creativity, business goals & Agile

Situational Leadership

Matching skill and motivation with intention

It begins and ends with listening, leading with transparency and kindness. In our emerging world of working together apart, it means hyper-communication and stepping up our responsiveness.

Showing Up

Heading 6
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  • Fellowship for Women and Minorities, NAA | Facilitator

  • Leadership Program, Ten-X | Design Thinking Instructor & Facilitator

  • Professional Community, | Host

  • Multipliers

  • Situational Leadership

  • Product Design at Tech Companies| Leader of Design, UXR & Writing Teams

  • 2020 and beyond: Large-scale virtual ideation workshops; weekly virtual lunches; guest speakers; virtual celebrations

  • Fellowship for Women and Minorities, Newspaper Association of America

  • HBS Leadership Series (through eBay)

  • Improv Training

  • Transcendental Meditation

  • Inclusive Leadership Series, LinkedIn

  • SAFe Coursework: Product Owner, Release Train Engineer

  • Ancestry Management Program


I've been able to form collaborative, trusted environments where achievable goals are set and people are inspired to reach beyond what they believed possible for themselves.

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